• IT-Security

    IT systems are exposed to a number of threats every day. With our range of security solutions and our many years worth of know-how we will help you to overcome these challenges and to safeguard your IT environment from malicious code or similar attacks.


Our Services

We have many years of experience and in-depth know-how in the field of IT security. You can employ our expert services in the following areas:

Security Concepts

Our team of IT Security consultants helps you to analyze your IT environment. First, we define requirements and needs. Then, we design the ideal security concept for your present-state infrastructure. 


Based on experience gained from over 300 security projects realized for renowned companies we guarantee efficient implementation of security concepts even in the most complex IT environments.


We not only take care of implementation. We offer continued maintenance and support services for the implemented solutions. By closely collaborating with the manufacturers of the software products we use we are able to deliver suitable hotfixes and workarounds almost immediately if required.

Training Courses

We offer training courses tailored to the needs of your staff. Courses take place regularly at our training centers. The courses are held in German and the training papers contain many practical examples that were compiled from the experiences gained in hundreds of customer projects.

Customer Services

We offer a range of exclusive services to our customers as a free download. For example, the latest product updates, patches, hotfixes or documentation are available to our customers for free download.

Application and Usage

Risk & Compliance

Make your vulnerability management efficient. There are ways to proactively check your IT systems for potential weaknesses. We offer support for:

  • Audit preparation
  • Analysis of the current company-wide risk and compliance status
  • Definition of necessary security levels
  • Verification of current and possible future security statuses

Our goal is to take all necessary measures to make improvements before harm is done. 

SPP FiReS - File Intelligence Reputation Exchange Service

Die grundsätzliche Idee unseres Services ist es, Dateireputationen, neben der GTI-Cloud (Global Threat Intelligence) von McAfee auch auf 3rd Party Feeds, wie z.B. VirusTotal (prüft über 50 Security Hersteller), NSRL oder MHR zu bewerten und zu überprüfen.

Lesen Sie hier mehr zu FiReS.


Solarwinds ARM (vormals 8MAN) ist eine führende Lösung für Access Rights Management (ARM) in Microsoft-Umgebungen und schützt damit Unternehmen vor unberechtigten Zugriffen auf sensible Daten. Mit Solarwinds ARM kann ressourcenübergreifend die aktuelle Berechtigungssituation im Unternehmen festgestellt werden. Sicherheitsrelevante Aktionen im Active Directory und auf den Fileservern werden überwacht, die Neuanlage von Nutzerkonten, die Rechteverwaltung und die Bearbeitung von Kontodetails können geregelt werden. Aktivitäten werden im Logbuch erfasst und revisionssichere Reports können erstellt werden. Ein vereinfachter und ressourcenschonender Berechtigungs-Management Prozess wird durch den Einsatz von Solarwinds ARM ermöglicht. Mehr dazu finden Sie hier.

Endpoint Protection

Your Windows, Linux and Apple clients and servers are continually threatened by malicious code such as viruses, worms or trojans. We help you to safeguard your systems with proactive protection technologies. Our wide range of products from a large number of manufacturers includes anti-virus and anti-spyware systems, firewalls and many more.

Central Management Solutions

Central management solutions allow you to keep control of your security products. They enable you to react quickly in case of actual threats.

Data Loss Prevention

You can prevent the loss of data and control the distribution of confidential documents. We use intelligent solutions to help you to set up compliance regulations and assist you in establishing classifications for your data.

VDI Protection

Following the trend to virtualize computer systems we offer performance optimized security solutions, which perfectly support the special requirements of virtual environments.

Storage Protection

Take no risks when protecting your storage systems. Leverage our experience in securing these sensitive areas. We customize and implement systems from renowned manufacturers such as Hitachi, NetApp, EMC2.

Encryption Solutions

Safeguard your systems from data theft and prevent losses caused by encryption. We show you possible methods and solutions.

Mobile Security

The rapid development of smartphones and their functionalities have given rise to a mixed use of devices for private and business purposes. We assist you with the design of the necessary security guidelines for private mobile devices to make sure that your company data remain secure.

Network Security

A company's computer network is a welcome target for attacks. We show you how to use NAC systems and IPS to safeguard your network from unwanted access.

Web & Email Security

Multi-client hybrid solutions offer high-end protection against malware, spam messages and unwanted website content. With its many years of experience our team is at your service.

SPP Products



Die grundsätzliche Idee unseres Services ist es, Repuationen von Dateien, URL und IP Adressen zur Verfügung zu stellen. Lesen Sie mehr dazu in unserem Datenblatt.

SPP ScanGate

Ziel von SPP ScanGate ist es, Dateien von externen Datenträgern kontrolliert und gescannt im Unternehmens-Netzwerk bereit zu stellen bzw. aus dem Unternehmen protokolliert zu exportieren. Im Datenblatt finden Sie mehr dazu.