• SIEM

    Use SIEM to find, identify and generate reports on user data, changes in networks, systems, applications or configurations and lots of other specified information in real time.


Our Sevices

In connection with SAP ALM we consider it our main obligation to provide you not only with different helpful tools, but also to introduce you to the required methods to use them efficiently:

SIEM Consulting

Our SIEM experts assist you to determine your requirements, analyze your IT environment and present possible technical solutions. Thanks to our extensive know-how of a wide range of systems, we set up a customized concept that is tailored to support your specific IT environment.

SIEM Implementation

A theory is not the result, it's a start. We actively help you to put your concept into practice and assist you with the implementation of your SIEM system. Our services include consulting related to the correct size and design of high-availability systems.

Customized Development

Abhängig vom geplanten Konzept und Ihren Bedürfnissen können verfügbare Standard Apps an Ihre Grenzen stoßen. Wir füllen diese Lücke mit unserem Team von SIEM Entwicklern aus und fertigen auf Wunsch maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für Sie. Perfekt in das SIEM System integriert und passgenau auf ihre Wünsche zugeschnitten erhalten Sie von uns fertige Apps zum schnellstmöglichen Einsatz.


Our support continues even during regular operation. If you need to modify your system or if you have questions, our team is available for you at all times. Our experts continuously attend certification programs to stay on the cutting edge of system and tools know-how. This includes programs outside the world of SIEM, which adds a broader base of knowledge that our experts use to resolve even the most complex challenges.


We not only put your requests into practice, we also tell you how everything works. We are happy to pass on to you what expert knowledge we have accumulated over the years. Therefore, don't hesitate to ask for specific training courses tailored to your employees' needs. We will set up customized course schedules to offer the best possible training for your staff.

Application and Usage

Possible Applications Demonstrated with Splunk

Splunk can be used to help centralize, analyze and monitor data and information system-wide. This opens up entirely new perspectives on your IT environment. Some of the major applications of Splunk are:

  • Incident response
  • Security monitoring
  • Fraud detection
  • Insider threat
  • Security reporting
  • Compliance reporting
  • System monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Web analytics
  • Transaction analysis
  • Secure data retention
  • Controlled data access
  • Audit trail review
  • Service level management
How Splunk Works

Splunk achieves its amazing flexibility by indexing the different data sources present in the enterprise. As a result almost any of your systems can be connected to Splunk, which then processes the data.

Scalable High Performance

Splunk not only can be adapted to work on the most diverse systems and data sets, it can be scaled to all types of company sizes as well. By using more than one Splunk server it is possible to size the system according to your needs and requirements, including load balancing and high availability.

SPP Produkte

Apps and innovative add-ons can be used to enhance and extend the capabilities of Splunk.

Download SPLUNK


Splunk for McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator: Splunk for McAfee App allows every authorized employee to view the data they need – whether it be for investigations, reports and dashboards, or analyses to improve IT operations and gain valuable business insights.


Splunk for McAfee WebGateway:Die WebGatewayApp wurde speziell für das Auswerten des Webverkehrs entwickelt und bietet auch eine Systemüberwachung für die Appliances.